Photography Workshop for Moms

What are your favorite moments with your children?

Imagine having all of the details inside the moments with your children documented to look back at years down the road.

I love walking into my daughter’s room first thing in the morning as she is beaming with delight to see me, hair all a mess, and clinging to her “lovey.” I love the silly face she makes when we tell her to do a “crazy face.” I love the cuddles and those little eyes looking up at me during those late-night feedings with my son or watch his bond & love already with his sister.

Now how amazing would it be for you to capture those moments as you see them? Especially now with summer fun around the corner, there are many activities, magic, & moments with your children about to happen! I want to help train your eyes to become like little shutters & help you feel more confident in using your DSLR so you can quickly execute a shot to remember when in the moment.



“Marie’s photography class was super helpful in learning how to use my camera more effectively! It’s certainly not an overnight improvement but a process of practicing with my camera. One of the best things I learned was how to optimize the lighting by effectively using the ISO aperture and flash appropriately as well as where to take the picture from as you have the optimal lighting. Thanks Marie! I saw a significant improvement in my pictures in a short period of time! I look forward to continuous improvement with practice! I also earned the proper equipment to purchase when I am ready to further enhance my skills!” – Katie

“Marie’s class gave me the courage and direction on how to finally take my camera off auto! I still have so much to learn, but I finally have pictures that are lit well without needing a flash most of the time. And now I know the basics about my camera too. Very helpful in a short amount of time.” – Amanda

“I finally figured out how to take my camera off AUTO and get those beautiful blurry backgrounds! I’ve also found the FB group to be very helpful. I’m still able to seek information even when class is over.” – Melissa


The Details:

What this 2 Hour workshop is about:
  • Basic Gear – learn what’s out there, how to achieve the look you want, what’s affordable
  • Exposure Triangle: ISO, Shutter Speed, & Aperture
  • Looking for Yummy Light
  • Creative shot opportunities & composition
  • Overcome “but my kid won’t let me take their photo!” Achieving candid shots to evoke memories for years to come.
  • Shooting practice with Q & A