What to Expect

If you are looking for Pinterest-cute poses, you have the wrong photographer. There’s nothing wrong with posed photos with everyone matching at a pretty location, but it’s not the type of images I can deliver on.

Through our session together, I want to tell your story. Whether it’s your children, your family, or your love story, my mission is to create art out of your every day lives. Many years down the road, when you look back at our photos, I want you to see your photos as more than just a pretty picture. I want you to remember this time period in your life. A photo should have the power to trigger your senses through the memories captured & be a reminder of how much love you have in your life.

When you book your session with me, our first goal is to find our perfect location. The environment should compliment your personalities & set the mood for the session.

We will incorporate a location or activity that is meaningful to you. This helps everyone to relax and be less conscious of the camera. The comfort of being in & around your home or a place you often visit together are best. I love including activities that you do regularly. This could be as simple as making smoothies in the kitchen, reading a favorite book in your special nook, lounging in bed, playing board games or sports, spending time on the lake, or running around playing with your family dog in the back yard – A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.! Don’t underestimate your every day activities – as insignificant as they may seem, I promise they will make your photos extra special.

A typical session with me will include only a couple of photos of everyone smiling & looking at the camera – the “Grandma” shots that are typically used for gifts.

The rest of the session I capture interaction between clients & (especially when children are included) individual shots- unposed, relaxed, with genuine expressions.

Throughout our session, I may show you a couple of shots on the back of my camera, but not all of them, so please don’t ask. You’ll be thankful when you see your gallery for the first time!

After our session, I will post a sneak peek photo to my Facebook Fan Page, so please make sure you are a fan. If you would like me to tag you to get the notification that your sneak peek has been posted, please send me a friend request here. I will then contact you once your entire gallery is ready for viewing.

Don’t think you’re going to come to this session & be thrown into stiff, uncomfortable poses. During our session, I encourage you to chat, try to make each other laugh, & just be yourselves. Our session will be a fun experience & you’ll hardly notice that you’re being photographed – aside from my crazy & probably a little bit excessive excitement of telling you how amazing you are doing!

I cannot wait to work with you! Fill out the contact form above to get started. For props & child specific expectations, please read below.

xoxo Marie

See how just playing captures a genuine expression? She was so excited to “go higher!”


I only use props if it helps to tell the story of the subject(s). If your child has a special lovey, toy, book, etc. that we can incorporate, let’s do it!  If your child likes to have tea parties, let’s play! If you & your fiancé share something special – maybe he proposed over sipping your favorite bottle of wine or you like to cuddle under a certain blanket – let’s include them! If it’s a giant number or antique suitcase that just looks cute, but really doesn’t reflect the subject’s personality, I’m not going to use it.

Child Specific Expectations:

Think of this session as a giant play date or like you have a nanny for an hour!  My goal is to capture natural expressions. This is not the time to make sure you have the most well behaved children on the planet. I might ask them to throw a stick at me or be super silly, because I will be looking for a certain expression through their reaction. If I ask your child to throw a stick at me, they will probably glance at mom with a mixed look of pure excitement and ‘can I really get away with this?!’ CLICK.

We’ll chat & be silly, but you’ll never hear me utter the words ‘say cheese!’ Ever. I ask that you do not tell your child to say cheese.

Please do not stand beside or behind me trying to get your child to smile (this will give them zombie eyes, because they won’t be looking at my camera).

Let’s play off your child.

If your child is shy & a little afraid of the strange lady with the big camera, we’ll take it slow. I will engage in conversation with them & you can help me bring up topics that usually excite them. Once the child is talking, they are relaxed. Any pointers you can give me to help open up your child are encouraged to be included in your questionnaire.

If your child is full of energy & you feel like you need to step in to get him/her to listen – don’t. This will only push the child to resist any further direction. Instead, I’ll get in there and get just as silly as the child & they’ll think I’m crazy, but as I capture their attention, I’ll be capturing lots of shots too ;)

I know you want to watch the entire session unfold. I encourage you to step back and watch from a distance once your child seems comfortable around me. This will prevent you from being stressed if the child isn’t taking to direction. Also, children tend to relax & open up a bit more when they aren’t being watched by their parents.